Posted by: drbinder | October 22, 2011

Change For Good.

If you’re ready to make health a priority in your life, there are countless books, blogs, and magazine articles available to spew advice at you.  However, the problem we face today is not from lack of information.  Americans have access to more human data and statistics than ever before, so why are nutritionally related diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, progressively emerging in our culture?

Having the willpower to instantaneously reverse your life long habits is rarely an effective strategy. When you tell yourself “this is the last piece of chocolate ever,” your brain will immediately crave what it can’t have.

James Prochaska, author of “Changing For Good,” identified what behaviors contribute to permanently changing your habits, and which contribute to sabotaging your resolutions.  Prochaska says we set ourselves up for failure when we “take too big of an action step…too fast.” We try changing too much about ourselves in too little of a time period.

Instead of setting outrageous and unattainable goals for ourselves, we should make simple goals: drinking a glass of water every morning, or going for a walk after dinner, or skipping seconds.  Pretty easy, right?

If you can add one thing to your routine, something simple…something that you’re ready to do, then you’re on the road to improvement 1% at a time.

With the slow and steady approach, you won’t over-commit and fail to live up.  You will break old routines by making new ones.  You will also gain a sense of accomplishment by reaching your goal, and your achievement will raise your confidence to complete the next task at hand.  Taking smaller, slower steps also allows for better feedback, so you can decide to move forward to a new goal or continue working on the present one.

With every healthy decision you make your body will:  look and feel better, sleep more peacefully, wake up energized, have more energy throughout the day and feel less pain.  What would that be worth to you?

-Keep on keep’n on healthy.



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