Posted by: drbinder | October 22, 2011

Illegal Paints.

What if the next time you went shopping for new pants, signs on the front door read “No More Extra-Large”.   It seems extreme, but it’s not far off from the national law Korea enacted two months ago that set a maximum limit on the waist sizes of its citizens.

The data was provided by the International Diabetes Foundation (IDF), which helped set the waist limit at a healthy size before abdominal area fat becomes a health risk.  After the law was integrated into their health care system, corporations, hospitals and doctor’s offices measured over 56 million people from the ages of 40-74.  If someone exceeded the new national limit, which is 33.5″ for males and 35.5″  for females, they were sentenced to six months of re-education.

American men can relax a little. The Korean male body type is much smaller than ours.  The IDF stated that white Americans are considered healthy up to 40″ for males and 34.5″ for females.  Recently, the CDC reported that American men averaged under the 40″ limit by about an inch. However, American women did not fair as well.  Their average exceeded the 34.5″ waist line measurement by more than 2 inches. How do you measure up with the CDC’s new recommendations?

Certainly there is no shortage of information regarding overweight Americans these days.  Almost every media outlet has produced nationally recognized work that is creating a formidable awareness to America’s obesity problems.  Books, movies and magazines are all perpetuating this trend towards maintaining a healthy weight by means of diet and exercise.

Recently,  The Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) has identified a common cause for the three most prevalent diseases in this country: heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  The link, not surprisingly, is poor lifestyle decisions.  It’s time to accept personal responsibility for ourselves and start turning our health issues into health solutions.

The fact remains, if the United States ever passed a law similar to Korea’s, 63% of our population would be wearing illegal pants.



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