Posted by: drbinder | October 22, 2011

Posture Goes Mainstream

Although I am a bit disappointed in myself for not coming up with the idea, I have to give credit to the mac geniuses who are riding on the forefront of today’s fastest growing health topic.

They have built a device that actually detects and alerts you when you are slouching forward into abnormal posture. I may end up buying a 1000 of these little machines and start handing them out to patients who participate in my posture rehabilitation program.

Check out their website by clicking here. Their marketing pitch is pretty good too, including bullets such as…

  • Women with improved posture become more attractive.
  • Men with good posture are seen as more successful.
  • Waist size is reduced an average of 2 inches in women who improve their posture
  • People with good posture are more productive.

Although I have no idea if it really works, the concept is brilliant.  However wellness is about more than just posture awareness.  Of course it’s important, you can read some of the science behind it on this blog where I reposted my recently published article on the subject.

Health and wellness also include proper nutrition, daily exercise, healthy relationships and a positive mental outlook.  Check out the definition of health from Dorland’s Medical Dictionary (the reference for all doctors) to see for yourself.

To all those on the journey towards a healthy body, mind and spirit, good luck, and if you have any health related questions you can always ask Dr. B.



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